Glass fencing is trending the architectural world. It is now a popular style of fencing, not only for hotels and resorts but also homes. Glass fencing contractors operating on the Western Australian market not only offer security but also a new state of the art fenced design.

Glass pool fencing professionally was done, enhances the home elegance and is a safety precaution worth investing in if you have kids.

What is glass fencing?

pool swimmerA state of the art fencing done with glass. Glass in this context is tempered. Heated and thickened above the normal average glass. This process makes it tough and hard to break. Also, even in the case of damage the glass will have blunt edges unlike sharp edges of the normal glass, which easily causes cuts.

When used in your outdoor areas, glass panels are majorly being used for recreational pools, flower gardens and balconies.

This type of fencing comes in two varieties; frameless and semi-frameless.

Frameless fencing is only conjoined via stainless steel spigots, which are either round or square in design. Frameless fencing is a choice of many. It is more stylish and less obstructive of the design.

Semi-frameless fencing has joints to poles. Mostly for panel support. Nonetheless, it is still an option.

Fences available on the Perth market varies in length 600mm -2000mm and design. Costs vary depending on the firm hired. However, are affordable with regards to the client’s needs.

outdoor area with glass fencesThis sort of fences is popular because it is a unique modification of outdoor activities. It brings out the glamour of having pools. It is also a safety precaution to those with children. It is easier to keep an eye on them. It keeps away pets and other animals from tampering with the pool environment.

There are many manufactures and fitters of this trendy fencing.

Look for quality and professional fitters who will enhance your home’s outdoor experience.

Glass fencing is a state of the art fencing that is growing with customer demands and architectural development. For a modern and safe living. Eline Fencing Facebook Page

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